How rollercoasters affect your body – TED-Ed by Brian D. Avery

In 1895, crowds flooded Coney Island to see America’s first-ever looping coaster: the Flip Flap Railway. But its thrilling flip caused cases of severe whiplash, neck injury and even ejections. Today, coasters can pull off far more exciting tricks and do it safely.

Brian D. Avery investigates what roller coasters are doing to your body and how they’ve managed to get scarier and safer at the same time. [TED-Ed Animation by Stretch Films Inc]

Quiz: Are you qualified to operate an amusement ride?

Amusement Ride Safety Quiz

Are you an “expert” amusement ride operator? Test your knowledge regarding important amusement industry concepts that separate experts from novices.

Please do not assume that by passing this test that you are qualified to operate ANY amusement ride or device.

The operation of an amusement ride or device requires specialized training (including but not limited to: manufacturer’s manual, ASTM F-24 Standards, CPSC bulletins, adopted state regulations, and company developed policies and procedures.

Prior to operating ANY amusement ride or device, receive the proper training and supervision. 

Aside from that, ENJOY the quiz and good luck!