Brian's Speaking Rider and General Questions Answered

What kind of computer does Brian use?

Brian uses a MacBook Air laptop. He has a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (HDMI, VGA, and standard USB). 

What software is Brian running?

Brian uses Keynote with embedded photos/videos. His presentations have embedded photos/video and only run on his computer. 

Does Brian require audio output?

Brian rarely requires audio output for his presentations. If this is a requirement, Brian will make a specific request. 

Does Brian require a microphone?

For groups of 50 or less, Brian does not require a microphone. He does require a lavalier microphone for groups of 50 or more. Brian in not able to do a good job with a handheld microphone or a podium microphone.

Please test all equipment for walking the stage/room and for volume and feedback.

How does Brian control his laptop?

Brian’s laptop is controlled by a remote that he brings with him. His laptop must be setup within sight and no more than 20 feet from where Brian will be speaking. 

Access to Brian's laptop and presentation...

Brian maintains control of his laptop at all times. He prefers to arrive approximately 1-hour to 30-minutes prior to his speaking time to conduct a tech check.

Brian can provide a copy via dropbox of his presentation prior to the event. Brian’s presentations are not to be sold or distributed without his prior written consent.

Photography and videography...

Brian encourages photos to be taken of his presentations, however, please no flash photography while he is speaking.

No live recording of Brian’s talks for the purpose of reselling or distribution unless otherwise agreed to. 

Hotel stays...

Brian prefers to stay at the venue location of the speaking engagement or within walking distance of the venue. Brian prefers rooms on lowers floors—for SAFETY reasons! 

Question and answer sessions...

Groups of 50 or more, Brian recommends asking selected audience members to submit questions to a moderator in advance—especially when time is limited. The other alternative is having at least fifteen minutes of Q&A built in.

Room size...

Room size is super important to having a GREAT event! Having a room size that is appropriate to the audience size is best (not too BIG, not too small). Brian believes that limiting large tables, etc. makes for a more engaged and energetic room. 

Suggested intro:

BRIAN D. AVERY is a life safety speaker, professor, expert witness, and author who specializes in protecting the people that comprise the events, tourism, and attractions industries. 

Brian’s career spans 25 plus years and his background is comprised of three areas of expertise: risk and safety management, event design and execution, and education.

Brian is an advocate for safety and communicating the importance of improving personal safety and organizational awareness.

Direct from the pages of Brian’s reports, his experience, and research, Brian shares the lessons learned from tragic, yet avoidable incidents and hazards that he has investigated worldwide… all in an effort of prevention and progress.