What If, You Changed One Thing?

Are you the missing link? Are you the missing link?
Are you the missing link?

Often, we blindly walk by what seems harmless, ignore what is unknown or foreign, and plead ignorant to taking responsibility. Understanding why things happen is fundamental to establishing interventions to prevent their occurrence. What if, YOU could be the difference? What if, you could alter the outcome of an “unforeseen, unplanned event or circumstance”—an “accident,” through understanding of what causes them? Brian’s perspectives on accident causation are both insightful and relevant to any organization seeking prevention methods.  

There Are Rules for That

Where do we begin? Where do we begin?
Where do we begin?

There are instructions for everything… think car manuals, TV’s, phones, toys, hairdryers—you name it, you could find a manual for it. Unfortunately, many have conditioned themselves to forgo reading what is readily available and sometimes important. Brian has seen firsthand the negative effects of failing to identify and read what is relevant to a product or situation. Brian can help with complacency and identifying relevant standards and practices to address known and foreseeable hazards associated with nearly any organization.

Story Time with Brian

Learn from the missteps of others... Learn from the missteps of others...
Learn from the missteps of others...

After investigating 100’s of catastrophic and life altering incidents, Brian has learned a thing or two about identification and prevention efforts. Brian discusses, in story-form, investigations that forever changed his life and highlights the consequences of unqualified people, failed policies, inadequate training and overall improper handling of events. Learn from the mistakes of others how to identify and address what is known, foreseeable and preventable. Real stories engage and allow people to learn lasting life lessons.

A Toast to Being Real

Being a student isn't easy... Being a student isn't easy...
Being a student isn't easy...

After spending 10-years taking classes and nearly a decade teaching them, Brian knows a thing or two about college students and university campuses. With several years of participating and over 20-years of studying, planning and teaching, Brian has developed a surefire way to connect with students regarding the service and use of alcohol—BE REAL!!! By sharing stories, the facts, and providing realistic solutions—students respond, engage and learn lasting life lessons.


Brian can speak to any of the topics as described or customize one specific to your organizational needs using the themes presented. Brian typically speaks to event, meeting, venue, and hospitality entities seeking to heighten risk management and safety awareness.

Everyone that attends one of my speaking engagements receives FREE access to both my safety guide and business continuity plan. These guides provide step-by-step instructions and are fully customizable. 

Please view Brian’s blog for additional topics that might be relevant to your organizations needs.

Brian is available for:

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Workshops and Training Sessions
  • Tabletop and Role-Playing Exercises
  • Panel Discussions

Educating & Entertaining:

  • Corporations, insurance companies and attorneys
  • Meeting, event planners and suppliers
  • Venue operators and municipalities hosting events
  • University's, sororities and fraternities (Alcohol service and use)

Searching for something unique!


Risk management can be a serious topic, bring some levity with a quiz show like atmosphere. Engage your audience with quiz show style questions and answers staggered throughout the presentation. Add a tailored on-line quiz for your event audience to complete and score. Why not make the process memorable… after all, safety doesn’t have to be boring! 

Brian is available to speak in the United States and overseas… 

What people are saying...

“Our attendees loved Brian! He did an excellent job of taking our day to day work lives and relating it to real life experiences pertaining to risks and safety hazards within the Event Industry.  He kept us on our toes, kept us thinking and questioning……What if??…..What would we do?……What do we do?? It was a great learning experience that left us all with the desire to learn more from him and kept us talking well after he was done!”   

Jaclyn Carlisto-Harris
Jaclyn Carlisto-Harris

ILEA Membership Committee

“This session was very well received, and it opened attendees’ eyes to the extent to which risks should be considered and addressed in all aspects of a conference or meeting. The attendees left motivated, and with an interest in learning more about risk management and potential pitfalls to avoid.”

Laura Wesolowski
Laura Wesolowski

FSAE Program Coordinator

“I wish you were scheduled to speak all day, there is so much more that we can learn from you as we continue to try to reduce our “risk exposure” at our events and facilities.”

Mario Palmentieri (FFEA Member)

FFEA Member

“On behalf of the Greater Orlando Area Meeting Professionals International (GOAMPI) Board of Directors and the Education Committee, I want to personally thank you for all your hard work and dedication towards making our risk management program a success.”

Rod Gutierrez
Rod Gutierrez

MPI Education Committee

Brian D. Avery TED Talk

How rollercoasters affect your body - TED Ed by Brian D. Avery

In 1895, crowds flooded Coney Island to see America’s first-ever looping coaster: the Flip Flap Railway. But its thrilling flip caused cases of severe whiplash, neck injury and even ejections. Today, coasters can pull off far more exciting tricks and do it safely.

Brian D. Avery investigates what roller coasters are doing to your body and how they’ve managed to get scarier and safer at the same time. [TED-Ed Animation by Stretch Films Inc].

Topics can be customized to address your organization's needs...

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